Online Chat Rooms: Guide for Being Memorable

Online Chat Rooms: Guide for Being Memorable
Online Chat Rooms: Guide for Being Memorable

If you’ve ever chatted online before, then you know some people stand out more than others. If you’re memorable it’s easier to make friends online that turn into lasting relationships. It also makes people want to interact with you more. Most people want to be remembered fondly in chat rooms, but it’s a somewhat hard achievement.

If you want to be memorable, just know that it takes a while to invest in a chat room and build up relationships. While this may be a long process, it’s well worth it in the end.

Take Initiative

If the conversation starts to slow down in a chat room, throw out a topic that everyone can chat about. This shows that you are a good leader and that you are all about helping everyone to have a good experience online. If there’s already a topic going on, elaborate on it and make a good effort to participate.

Crack a Joke!

A quick way to gain attention in chat rooms is to tell funny jokes. For some people telling a good joke is very easy, for others it seems like the hardest thing in the world to do. Make sure to avoid malicious jokes about other people in the chat room even if it may seem funny to you at the time because this can damage your reputation in the long-term and simply is not worth it. Plus it’s not nice! In some situations, people who tell too many toxic jokes get banned. Stick to positive jokes that aren’t made at anyone’s expense and make everyone smile. If you do mess up and tell a joke that someone takes offense to, just apologize and move on.

Do More than Lurking

Lurking in a chat room is when you are watching what happens but you don’t say anything. This is a great way for people who are experimenting with chat rooms to get comfortable, however, it’s not a great way to be remembered in a chat room. If you lurk too much, you’re not pushing yourself to make friends or putting yourself out there. By having the courage to speak up, you’re taking a chance and making yourself more memorable.

Just Be Nice

When you’re nice, people will definitely remember you. Not only will they remember you, but they will want to interact with you. Sure, when people are acting like a mean internet troll, others do remember them, but no one wants to interact with them! Being nice doesn’t mean being fake or saccharine sweet. You can just be yourself and participate in pleasant conversation. Being nice just means not being actively rude or mean, and not making offensive statements. It is pretty easy to be nice and being nice is also totally free!

When people remember you in chat rooms, you will make real relationships that can lead to in-person friendships. So it’s a great online goal to have!

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