How Chat Rooms Are Like Trains (Seriously!)

How Chat Rooms Are Like Trains (Seriously!)
How Chat Rooms Are Like Trains (Seriously!)

This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but once you have been using chat rooms for a while, you may come to agree that chat sites and trains have more similarities than you think. This is no joke, even though it does sound kind of silly.

Both Have Engineers

A train engineer makes sure that everything is going smoothly, while a chat room moderator makes sure of the same. On a train, any bumps in the road, twists, and turns or other hazards are navigated with comfort. In a chat room, moderators fix problems that come up between the members of the chat room, and webmasters fix the technical problems. So, both chat rooms and trains have someone at the helm to correct anything bad that happens.

Fuel a.k.a. Users

Chat rooms need fuel, just like trains. A chat site is just empty until the people come in and start chatting. Much in the same way that a train does not move without fuel until conversations start to happen in a chat room, nothing happens. You would not want to be the only person in a room because there would be nobody to talk to! Once a room kicks off and there are people in all the rooms chatting to each other, it would actually be difficult to stop all of them. Similarly, trains can be very difficult to stop once they get on a roll.


There are all different types of trains. There are passenger trains, cargo trains, commuter rail, trolleys, subways, and more. They all carry stuff and people from place to place. You never really know what a train is carrying until you go in and take a look for yourself. This is very similar to chat rooms. You never know what is going on inside the chat until you join in yourself! You could completely misjudge a website by looking at its name, but then be completely shocked at the kind of people you meet inside of it. Both trains and chat rooms carry diverse people on journeys. However, in a chat room, the journey is more figurative.

It All Keeps Going

Perhaps the most interesting similarity between chat sites and trains is that things keep going when you are not there. When you get off the train, it goes on to its next destination, and when you leave the chat room, the conversations keep going! Chat sites are constantly going with tons of people getting in and out of the chat, just like a train. When you get off, other people get on and new conversations start. You are a passenger of the web chat experience.

So, you might have thought it was unlikely that trains and web chats could have much in common, but now you know…they do!

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